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Repair Work Is Among Our Specialties

We know you want to be warm and cozy in the winter from a functioning heating system. Air conditioning becomes ever more crucial in the Roseville, CA and surrounding areas when the summer temperature skyrockets. Whenever a problem arises with comfort in your home, rest assured Ray O. Cook will be here for you 24/7. A professional, certified technician will arrive quickly. The problem will be located and your comfort will be restored in no time at all. Ray O. Cook will not only correct the problem at hand, we will also scan the rest of your system and let you know if there are other problems on the horizon that you should know about.

HVAC technician talking to homeowner

Let Our Technician Find and Fix the Problem Fast

Ray O. Cook technicians are Trained and Certified in problem solving. There’s a high probability that they have seen your exact system before and know it inside and out. A Ray O. Cook technician will go directly to the problem and have you comfortable in no time. If your system has duct work, we can trouble shoot the problem and provide the solution. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Gas Furnaces
  • Air Conditioners
  • Heat Pumps
  • Indoor Units/Attic
  • Indoor Units/Garage
  • Indoor Units/Closet/Laundry/Equipment Room
  • Indoor Units/Crawlspace
  • Outdoor Units/Ground
  • Outdoor Units/Roof
  • Package Heat and Air Units/Ground
  • Package Heat and Air Units/Roof
Ray O. Cook Heaitng and Air 24/7 emergency service

Have An Emergency? We Are Here 24/7!

Heating or Air Conditioning Systems can fail at any time. If you have an Emergency, call us now and we can help. We offer 24/7 dispatching from an actual Ray O. Cook Employee, not an answering service that will take a message and have someone “call you back” while you uncomfortably wait for hours, maybe days! Our Customer Service Representative will handle your needs quickly and efficiently. Comfort is just a call away.