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Your New System Experts in Roseville, CA & Surrounding Cities

If you’re installing a new heating and cooling system in your Roseville, CA or Surrounding Area home, Ray O. Cook can help. We offer a Complete and Comprehensive Evaluation of your home at No Charge. One of our New System Engineers will work side by side with you and design a new system that best meets your needs and your budget. Learn more under New Installation below or Schedule you FREE ESTIMATE today.

How to Choose a New Comfort System

Buying a new heating and cooling system does not have to be difficult. Sadly, there is a lot of misinformation out there. Size, type, efficiency rating and many other factors can make this purchase overwhelming. One thing is for sure, purchasing a new heating and cooling system certainly can be easier with a trusted and experienced ally on your side. A New System Engineer from Ray O. Cook is just that individual. Some of the things Ray O. Cook will work on with you are:

  • Hot and cold spots in the home.
  • Excessive noise from indoor and/or outdoor equipment.
  • High utility bills.
  • Even airflow and distribution.
  • Existing duct work condition.
  • Filter sizing and quality of air in the home.

What is that noise? from Ray O. Cook Heating & Air on Vimeo.

We Independently Certify Every Installation

Why is this important? Our industry has come to accept Building Code as the “standard” and it’s actually the “minimum”. A brand new installation that passes a local building inspection only has to deliver 70% of what the buyer purchased. This means a new 3 ton Air Conditioner is required only to deliver 2.1 tons in order to pass inspection. Almost 1 ton of cooling is missing every time that system runs. We independently certify our installations, proving we are delivering into your home what you purchased. You’ll get more heating and cooling “actually delivered” into your home, per dollar spent!

Zoning Specialist

Comfort and Efficiency in larger homes, especially 2 story, can be increased by dividing areas into separate zones and controlling those zone by their own thermostat. However, premature equipment failure and low system efficiency is the result from many zone systems done wrong. A Ray O. Cook, New System Specialist is trained in airflow and balancing. He can couple zoning with the right new equipment so the end result provides you with the superior comfort and reliability you should expect.

side view of Ray o Cook Heating and air van

Now Offering Finance Rebates & Estimates!

We understand financing your new installation can be a challenge. Our team is dedicated to making your unit as affordable as possible. We begin by offering free estimates, so you know exactly which price point to expect. Our team is also proud to provide rebates and plenty of financing options to make sure your heating and cooling system doesn’t break the bank.

Look to Us for All Your Heating & AC Needs

Whether you need a repair, preventative maintenance or upgrading your entire system, we can help. Homeowners throughout Roseville, CA and surrounding communities have trusted Ray O. Cook since 1947! We realize the importance of customer satisfaction, so you can count on fast and accurate service the first time